Nine Rules is a musical-conceptual project created by two brothers: Gianfranco and Marco Iaconantonio AKA Johnion and Grachov.


In order to overcome the 2000 kilometers distance between them (Grachov in Barcellona and Johnion in Istanbul) and to be able to work together, in January 2013 they developed a system of musical composition based on nine rules and produced an album with 9 tracks.


Through this method they intended to go beyond the borders of verbal communication, which often leads to misunderstandings, and above all they bypassed the idea of a band leader. In fact, no member applying these rules can comment and prevail on the other or impose his own musical vision.


9 Rules is a Lo-fi / homemade project, produced with real and virtual instruments, all of them played by the two brothers in the intimate setting of their room-studios, in an eclectic way following no prearranged pattern. Even though the album is shimmering, due to the nature of the project itself, the style is influenced by electronic music, indie rock and trip-hop. In any case, the rules leave no room for any revision of the pieces, thus each track has its own path and bears the trace of the moment in which it was created.